The Republic of Ecuador is a beautiful mountainous country with many natural resources including gold, silver, and oil and grows a vast variety of foods.  It straddles the equator from where it gets its name, and is bordered on the North by Colombia, Peru on the East and South and the Pacific Ocean on the West.  The Country also includes the Galapagos Islands, which are geologically young and famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. His observations and collections contributed to the inception of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

Its capital city is Quito, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1970s for having the best preserved and least altered historic center in Latin America.  The country's largest city is Guayaquil. The historic center of Cuenca, the third largest city in the country, was also declared a World Heritage Site in 1999, for being an outstanding example of a planned inland Spanish style colonial city in the Americas. The city of Cuenca is where we did most of our ministry.  It reminded me a lot of the old Havana City in Cuba because of its old colonial style buildings and the general architecture of the city, although it is much higher in elevation (8,000 ft). 

This is the first time we have gone to Ecuador, so we spent a lot of time praying, exploring and seeking guidance from the Lord.  We would like to continue to go there as there is a great need for the gospel of the kingdom to be preached with signs, wonders and miracles.  The people are very hungry and in need of much teaching.  The children of God in Ecuador are like everywhere else in the world; kind, beautiful. very gracious and hospitable.  It takes a while for them to befriend you; but once they do they could become good friends.  As most human beings, these people respond to genuine love and kindness. We want to thank those of you who helped us go there. Without your finanancial help, we would not have been able to do it.  Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.  Our Heavenly Father will reward you on that day, and we will reap together heavenly rewards for the harvest of souls that will come into the Kingdom of Heaven.  If God deals with you about helping out in this mission field, you may do so by going to the Donate page, or  send your check, bank payment or money order to:

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2 Thessalonians 3:7-9 "For you yourselves know how you ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; Neither did we eat any man's bread for nothing; but worked with labor and travail night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you: Not because we have not that right, but to make ourselves an example unto you to follow us.."



I was blessed to be able to back to Ecuador and minister to the precious people there. This time around I did not stay there as long as the last time. We traveled for six hours to Miami on Monday where we stayed overnight in a hotel by the Airport. The following day we took the flight to Guayaquil and arrived there lated at night. Both the car drive to Miami and the flight to Ecuador went smoothly without any problems. The taxi driver that drove me to the hotel mentioned to me that they had experienced several medium size earthquakes in the last several days. Also, he mentioned that they had been having a lot of rain which is unusual for that time of year. The rainy season does not start until sometime in March. He mentioned to me that the weather was acting very strangely, more so than he ever recalls even though he had lived there all his life.

On Wednesday I hired a car to drive me to Cuenca as all the flights from Guayaquil to Cuenca have been cancelled, for reasons that very few people understand.  At any rate, the drive usually takes three to four hours. However, this time around it was going to take much longer. As we started ascending the mountain roads, we got as high as probably 12,000 feet as we traversed the Andes Mountains. This is part of the Ring of Fire, a region in the world known for it many earthquakes and volcanoes. As we were more than half way to our destination, I started seeing rain coming down, heave fog and small landslides that had taken place. As we continued, I counted around 15 landslides in total, a couple of them very large. In one case, there was a rock approximately about 5 meters high. It was totally blocking the inner lane close to the mountain. We could pass, but had to go very slowly on the outer lane which had no guardrails and leads down a very steep precipice.

Finally after many prayers and tense moments, we made it to our destination safe and sound. After I arrived, I was told that the road we were on because it was too dangerous to use, had been shut down by the authorities until they were able to bring out the tractors and experts to break up the big rock and clear the debris from the road. On the way home, government forces were still working trying to clear the debris, with was causing major traffic interruptions. I promptly told my driver to use an alternate route away from all landslides even if it took us a longer time to get to Guayaquil. Finally, we made it there even though the trip took an additional two hours. Surely, it was an adventure I don't think I will forget a while. On Sunday we ministered in the Church Siervos Del Señor, where our friends Steve and Bobby are the pastors.  They are doing a great job reaching the lost and teaching them the word of God.

We preached the gospel of the Kingdom to the people as the Spirit of the LORD moved among us that morning. Several were saved and others healed by the hand of Jesus. There were others that were suffering from diverse strongholds that was keeping them in bondage. Most of the precious people come from a Catholic background which is based on idolatry. That spirit is very strong and difficult to break. One day while I was walking in the city by Parque Calderon, I entered a large Catholic Church there and the first thing I saw were images with candles lit all over the place. The Spirit of the LORD spoke to me loudly the following: ABOMINATION; ABOMINATION; ABOMINATION. I could only stay there for a few moments as the atmosphere was very oppresive. I know many beautiful people who are stil members of the Catholic Church. Please pray that our Heavenly Father allows them to see the truth and break free from the deception.

On the way back home, we stopped in Orlando to minister in House of Shalom, which is pastored by our spiritual son Rafael and Keisha. He had invited me to come back to minister there whenever it would be possible. The church is growing and the people are very hungry for the presence of God. Several people were set free that night from yokes of bondages and received healing. A couple of others received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am so happy to see how much the LORD is using them in His Kingdom. I had the privilege to be able to stay with my dear friends Thom and Krista in their home. Was able to spend a couple of days with them. They were so hospitable and kind. Krista is doing much better from her condition, but recently suffered a setback. Please keep her in prayer that the LORD will give her a miracle and she will recover quickly. 

Finally I want to take a moment to thank those of you who prayed for me during this trip and helped this trip become a reality. I love you all and pray that our Heavenly Father Bless you in a very special way and keep you safe in the days to come.






After two years I was blessed to be able to back to Ecuador.  While there, I found out of the great plight of the Venezuelan people that are leaving their country and moving to other countries of South America like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile as well as well as others.  There are well over a quarter of a million people from Venezuela livng in Ecuador. During an evening news report the Holy Spirit touched my heart and I felt to help them. Through Susy, one of our friends in Ecuador we were able to meet a young man who represents a large group of Venezuelans.  I gave him a lot of clothing that we had from all our trips to  Ecuador, as well as some medicine and other things.  Also gave him my cell phone which made him so happy, as well as some money.  He was so overwhelmed that tears started to roll down his cheeks.  We were also able to help another group of Venezuelans with my wife's shoes and clothing.  I was blessed to be able to help these precious people.

I took a taxi and felt led of the Holy Spirit to talk to the young taxi driver about Jesus Christ.  He opened up and started sharing with me all the problems that he and his wife were having financially and otherwise, and I invited him to come to the church service that I was going to be ministering in that next Sunday.  Well, to my amazement he was in the church service on Sunday and I was blessed to be able to pray for this young taxi driver as he gave his life to Jesus that morning.  Many other people were saved that Sunday morning as we ministered in Siervos del Señor.  We have known pastors Steve and Bobbi Clark for six years and ministered there every time I go to Ecuador. Many people were healed and set free that morning as the Presence of the LORD was present.

A couple that I had prayed for three years ago who could not have children, came to me to show me their two children they had a year ago as well as the third child that they just had.  They asked me to pray for their children and for them.  They were so happy and thankful for what the LORD has done in their lives.  I prayed for just about everyone that was in service that morning.  I was really tired and worn out after I was through praying for them all.  Afterwards, we went out to get a bite to eat and had fellowship.  I want to thank all of you who prayed for me during this trip and helped this trip become a reality.  May our Heavenly Father Bless you in a very special way and keep you safe in the days to come.








In the middle of the month of June, my wife and I traveled to Ecuador.  I drove to Orlando, Florida to spend Father's Day weekend in the home of Thom & Krista.  On Sunday we baptized an older man who had traveled from Spring Hill just for that.  We were also blessed to have with us several other brothers and sisters at the baptism.  We had a great time of fellowship in the LORD before departing on Monday for Miami Florida where we spent the night.  The following day we took a flight out to Guayaquil where we spent the night in a local hotel.  In the morning we then traveled by car to the City of Cuenca where we spent approximately 9 days with our dear friend Steve.  While there we did ministry and the work of the Kingdom. During this whole trip, we were under continuous attacks from the dark side. However, we also saw the hand of the LORD moving in supernatural ways. Surely, His sweet Presence was with me throughout the whole trip.  OH, HOW I LOVE HIM!

On Sunday morning, we ministered at the Church Tent Siervos Del Señor located in the middle of the city where Steve and Bobbi Clark are the pastors. There was a strong move of the Holy Spirit in our midst that day.  I preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and ministered to the people with the Spirit of the LORD confirming the preaching of the word. During the ministry of the word, I received a word of knowledge that there were many people with demonic oppressions in the area of fear and anxiety attacks. As I released that word and asked for those who were suffering from those symptoms to come forward, there was a wave of people that came to the front to be prayed for.  Many of these were young people and even many children received ministry.  As the power of the Holy Ghost came upon the people, many fell to the floor violently and some even began to manifest on the floor.  There was much deliverance that took place on that day. I GIVE MY LORD AND SAVIOR ALL THE GLORY!

At the beginning of the meeting on Sunday morning before he turned the service over to me, pastor Steve told the congregation that during my time with them last year, I had prophesied to a young couple that were not able to have babies, that they were going to have 2 children.  He then told the congregation that the wife had become pregnant with twins in the last few months and had them come forward to share their testimony with the congregation. Also, a woman told me that during our time with them last year, I had prophesied that her rebellious son would be turned around and begin to be used by God to evangelize other young people. She then started to tell my wife and I how her son had been evangelizing the young people in the schools and winning them over to Jesus Christ.  At the end of the Sunday morning service, I spoke a word over Pastor Steve and His wife Bobbie concerning what is about to happen in their ministry.  He later told us in private that everything that I had spoken over them was a confirmation of what has precisely been happening with them since I was with them last year. 

On Monday night we were invited to come back and teach in their Bible School.  The topic they asked me to preach on was prayer.  We taught on prayer for about an hour and then the church broke down into smaller groups to share.  This church is really growing and many positive things are happening for them, as the LORD is opening doors to preach the gospel in many parts of Ecuador. I want to thank those of you who prayed and interceded on our behalf while we were away on this ministry trip, as well as those of you who gave financially to make this mission trip possible. Father's Blessings be with you and your families.  SHALOM MY FRIENDS!     






Ecuador Missions Trip 2015

At the end of the month of June, my wife and I traveled to Ecuador.  I drove to Miami Florida where we spent the night.  The following day we took a flight out to Guayaquil and spent the night in a local hotel.  In the morning we then traveled by car to the City of Cuenca where we spent 30 days doing ministry and the work of the Kingdom. During this whole trip, I was under continuous attacks from the dark side. However, we saw the hand of the LORD moving in supernatural ways. Our first Sunday morning there, we ministered at the Church Tent Siervos Del Señor located in the middle of the city where Steve and Bobbi Clark are the pastors.  They requested that I preach on the end times, and I obliged as I felt it was from the LORD.  As I preached the message, the Holy Spirit moved is a very powerful way, a spirit of conviction fell on all that were there, and everyone responded to the altar call as they came repenting, calling upon the name of the LORD.




Almost all the people that were present at the meeting came up for prayer and the Holy Spirit confirmed the Word with signs following.  Some of the people received deliverance from various forms of oppressions, depressions and other strongholds. On a Wednesday evening we were invited to share in the home of Juan, one of our friends there.  On that meeting I shared on the reality of demons and their influence on the lives of people and societies in the world.  Some of them did not believe in the devil or the influece that he exerts in the lives of people that do not know the LORD. 

Overall, there was much fruit that came from these meetings. Finally, we were invited to go back to minister to the same Church Siervos del Señor by Pastors Steve and Bobbi.  This service was even more anointed than the previous one. There was such a hunger in the people that I had never seen before.  As we ministered, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit manifested in a tangible way.  Many of the people were shaken by the dunamis that was flowing from heaven.  Many of them were saved, healed and delivered.  One young man was literally shaking as I shared with him a word from the LORD.  Later, he shared with me how the LORD had been dealing with him about those same things in the days prior to my being there. Many of the children were also mightily touched by the LORD as they came forth for prayer.  I had never seen the children come up for prayer in that church before like they did on this service. The LORD truly confirmed the Word with signs following.








Much was accomplished while we were in Ecuador.  I want to thank all of you who so diligently prayed for us and helped us to make this trip a reality.  Truly, you have a part in everything that was accomplished in Ecuador.  Shalom. 

Ecuador Missions Trip 2014

In the month of June we went back to Ecuador.  My wife, my son and I arrived at Guayaquil late at night, spent the night in a hotel and then traveled for four hours to the city of Cuenca where we stayed for almost two weeks doing the work of the LORD.  The Holy Spirit was with us during the whole trip guiding and revealing things to me.  As in the last trip there, there were many divine encounters which were unexpected.  I had an opportunity to minister on Friday night at a house meeting of Pastors Steve and Bobbi Clark.  As I shared the word of God with the people there, I sensed a strong moving of the Holy Spirit.  There was a nine year old girl there who was suffering from a liver condition.  The mother was sharing with the rest of us how she was not able to keep any food down, and unable to drink anything acidic.  As I looked at the little girl, she did not look well.  After I finished sharing the Word, I asked for those who wanted prayer. 

Many of the people that were there came up for prayer. The little girl came up with her mother and I prayed for her.  As I prayed, the power of God came upon her in a mighty way and she started crying.  When I was finished praying, the Pastor said to her: "you look different; your face looks different.  How do you feel?"  She immediately responded: "God healed me; I feel God inside of me".  Her countenance was now beaming with the glory of God.  The depressed, painful look on her face was gone.  She came up to me and gave me a big hug.  She was so happy.  She even started to help me pray for the other people. I also prayed for a woman that had cysts in her ovary causing her much pain, as well as several other women who were suffering from emotional trauma.  I also ministered to a young man as he gave his life to the LORD.  I prayed for everyone that was there including a group of young people that were leaving for a weekend retreat. The Spirit of the LORD moved wonderfully that night.




Pastor Steve and Babi asked me to minister at their Sunday morning meeting in their church tent located in the heart of the city.  Once again the power of the Holy Spirit moved mightily as I ministered.  Two dear friends of mine who attended the meeting with us told me afterwards on the way home that when I started to share the Gospel of the Kingdom that morning, a strong wind mysteriously began to blow inside the tent, and as soon as I had finished ministering, the wind died down as quickly as it had started.  Many people came up for prayer as the Holy Spirit was confirming the Word with signs following.  Several people came up for prayer and got their lives right with God, while others received deliverance from various forms of oppressions and emotional traumas.  Others came up to receive their healing, and they were not disappointed.  Overall, there was much fruit that came from these meetings.  Only eternity will reveal all that took place that weekend in Cuenca.  To Jesus Christ be the glory forever.