Mission / Vision

Ephesians 2:19-22:  "Now therefore you are no more strangers and sojourners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone; In whom all the building fitly framed together grows unto a holy temple in the Lord: In whom you also are built together for a habitation of God through the Spirit."

Ephesians 4:11-14:  "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: That we from now on be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, by which they lie in wait to deceive."


When the Lord called me out of the City Church I was pastoring back in 1992, He gave me the commission to restore the body of Christ back to health, to prepare His Bride for His coming. He also said that I would not be the only one doing this, but that there would be many called to this task all over the world. Before this would happen, I would have to be trained for a season to hear and obey the voice of the Lord tucked away in the wilderness, in the backside of the desert, unknown to most people. He had to purge me of a lot of religious leaven, wrong concepts and doctrines that had accumulated over the years and had become a part of my mindset (wineskin).  It was only then that I began to Get A Vision of His Plan for my life. 

God had to break me and teach me to obey Him, trust and depend on Him, and to walk in brokenness and humility. The Potter's House.  During this season of time, the Lord showed me that His Church was fragmented, impotent, carnal and out of order. The spirit of religion, control, pride and fear, combined with a good dose of ignorance, has stifled the ability of most churches to recognize, train, develop and release potential five-fold leaders, and deprived the people of their God-given right to fulfill their gifting and callings in the Body.

The Church will only become the mighty, powerful glorious force on this earth that it was called to be, when each member of the Body discovers his/her Identity and is set in place, as God ordained it before the foundation of the earth. The doctrine of the Nicolaitans (power over the laity; Revelation 2:6; 15), which was already operating in the days of John the Apostle, has become entrenched in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Most leaders are only interested in what their denomination, group, or church is doing, and will not participate in anything unless they benefit from it. This is not a Kingdom mentality! God's Kingdom has nothing to do with pet-doctrines, petty arguments, personal agendas and selfish motives.

A paradigm shift in our thinking and Attitude has to take place. Pastors and leaders must transition from: just preaching / teaching to equipping; developing programs to developing leaders; investing in programs to investing in people; focusing only in the needs of their church to focusing in the needs of their community. The Lord wants His church back, and is calling all of His people to find their place in ministry. Every believer is called to ministry (to serve), but it is going to take godly leaders, who are not afraid or intimidated by the visions, dreams, anointing and abilities of others, to place each person in their set place, develop the gifting and callings inside of them, and teach them how to function there (Ephesians 4:11-16).


The word father in the original Greek text is Pater. A father by definition is one who nourishes, protects, guides, develops, upholds, encourages and strengthens his children. The Lord has given me two beautiful children, a son and daughter, who I love with all my heart. My desire is to see them grow up and one day become stronger, wiser, better and more blessed than I am. Spiritually speaking, it should be the same. The Jezebel spirit has turned many a leader into weak Ahabs and into eunuchs, unable to have children. We need leaders with a Father's heart who will not be jealous, envious or selfish with the people they have been entrusted with, but desire to see them grow and mature in their gifting and callings and become a part of the endtime Elijah Generation. 

If a leader is jealous, suspicious, envious and untrusting of those under him, and his only desire is to see how they can help him fulfill his vision, those people will never grow to their full potential and fulfill their destinies because he will not let them. On the other hand, many godly pastors are frustrated and grieved by baby Christians who have no desire to do anything in the Kingdom of God. They are gripers and gossipers, whose only desire is to be entertained and blessed, rather than be a blessing. These are immature Christians, never having developed into a disciple of Christ. All of this is going to change.  The remnant, the Bride of Jesus Christ is beginning to Get A Vision. 

Fathering / mentoring is more than just giving out information. Anybody can give out tons of information, but few can impart wisdom, revelation and the presence / power of God. It is easy to find someone to coach you, but it is hard to find someone to mentor you, especially if you have greatness in you. A father / mentor is someone who is not intimidated by your dreams, talents and abilities. He is someone who will help you through your shifts and changes that you will experience in life as you grow, develop and learn to overcome Hindrances in life. A mentor with a Father's heart will not be jealous of you, but will sincerely want you to succeed. For there to be an Elisha with a double portion anointing, there had to be an Elijah. For there to be a Joshua to take the people over the Jordan into the promised land, first there had to be a Moses who took them out of Egypt and to the Jordan. For there to be a Timothy, there had to be a Paul to teach him and train him to be a man of God.

Many people, especially men, never had a godly natural father, or a spiritual one, to love them enough to take time to listen to them, teach them and show them how to do it. There are countless numbers of young pastors out there who have a passion for the Lord and a sincere desire to obey Him, but are struggling without a father / mentor they can turn to for wisdom, guidance and support. In these last days, the corporate fiery spirit of Elijah will come and manifest itself through the purged-in-the-fire golden vessels unknown to most, but intimately known by God. They will expose the spirit of Jezebel, operating in the Church in High Places that has turned so many men into suffering eunuchs. They will finally rise up and throw her down to usher in the restoration of all things. God is raising up men with A Father's Heart and the spirit of Elijah who will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the heart of the children to their fathers (Malachi 4:5-6).


A three-strand cord cannot be easily broken! Likewise when men agree to disagree and unite their efforts in order to advance the Kingdom of God, great things happen. No one person has it all to do what he/she needs to do. No one can do it alone. It is going to take the combined effort of the body of Christ to achieve the divine purposes of God in these last days. The Lord has given me many covenant people all over this nation and overseas. I value their friendship and the relationship I have with them. Because we trust and are accountable to one another, they allow me to speak into their lives, and vice-versa. If you are going to have a covenant relationship with someone, you first need to know who you are in Christ.  Ain't Got Time. 

This true identity, this knowing who you are and where you belong in the body of Jesus Christ only comes with time, by revelation from God, as you develop intimacy with the Lord. It is this revelation that will allow you to be secure in who you are in Christ, and let you relate to others in the body without jealousy, pride or competition. When two people who know their identity in Christ meet, they know each other by the spirit and by their fruit, and a covenant friendship develops. They do not need to know every last detail about their past or long letters of recommendation. They have been stripped of their pride and ego by the Lord and walk with a limp, leaning upon God and not upon their own understanding. They have their eyes focused on the Lord, not on a man. The fear of man has been replaced by the fear of the Lord. The hustle and bustle for fame, position and notoriety has given way to the rest and the peace of God.

We want to see true spiritual unity in the Body. Not ecumenical unity that disregards the foundational doctrines of Christ and the early church fathers, and seeks unity at all cost at the expense of the presence and the power of the Holy Ghost. In these last days, the bones in the body of Jesus Christ are coming together where they belong. There are too many people out of place in the Church. People with no anointing, doing things they were never called by God to do, and highly anointed godly vessels sitting in the pews doing nothing. God is raising up mighty apostles and prophets, with the spirit of Elijah on them and the word of God in their mouth, who will speak to the dry bones and life will come into them, and they will be set in their proper place in the body, Bone to Bone (Ezequiel 1-10).


The salvation of humanity is very dear to the heart of God. Everything that he says and does has as its motivating purpose, the redemption of man. The Lord has been releasing divine strategies that will facilitate the great harvest as we take back our cities, schools, nation and the world for Jesus. At this time, The Great Shaking is taking place, and there are a lot of changes happening in the heavens, on the earth and in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in the midst of a great shift right now. Much transition is taking place. Many are being moved from their old positions and promoted to a place of increased usefulness and authority. All of these things are happening in order to have the right people, at the right time, in the right places, to bring in the harvest before The Coming Storm. It is extremely important to obey God at this time.

We are moving out of one dispensation and into another, just like when Jesus came the first time. The dispensation of the Law came to an end, giving way to the dispensation of Grace. Now, the dispensation of Grace is coming to an end. A new dispensation of the Glory of the Kingdom of God is being born. And just like the religious people resisted the coming of the age of Grace in the days of Jesus, likewise today many who do not understand the times and the seasons we are in, are resisting the changes associated with the coming of the Kingdom age. There is a great end time harvest of souls that will take place before the return of the LORD where multitudes of backsliders and prodigals will come home.  The Prodigal Son.

The people of God must be willing to go through the change that is upon us and cross the Jordan. Time To Cross The Jordan.  Those that are not willing to transform their way of thinking (wineskin) will experience dryness, decay and eventually death. Many will loose what they are desperately trying to hold on to, because they chose to do it their own way, not God's way. They want to keep the old in place at all costs instead of accepting The Challenge. The fullness of what God has for you cannot come if you do not develop a kingdom mentality.

If God's leaders can catch the Vision of the Harvest and put their differences aside, and start thinking with the mind of Christ and putting the business of the Kingdom ahead of their own, there is no telling what will happen. It is time for the Body of Christ to come together, humble themselves and pray to God in humility and repentance saying: Send the Fire Lord. We are about to see the Bride of Christ rise up like a mighty warrior, with the glory of God shining in their faces, and do great exploits in this hour. The wind of the Spirit of God is getting ready to blow hard. Can You Hear The Wind?  Only those who have ears to hear will listen to the words of the LORD coming from His Throne. He That Hath An Ear. (Links in blue are titles to CD songs available in the Resources section).

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