About Augusto

1 Corinthians 15:10 "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me."


Augusto was born in Cuba and lived there for 12 years. He came to the U.S. in 1963 with his family where he has lived ever since. From childhood Augusto felt that God had an important work for him to do when he grew up. At the age of 30, one night as he was lying on his bed sleeping, he heard someone call out his name softly. As he got dressed and went to the door, he opened it only to find no one outside. That night Revelation 3:20 became a reality to him. A few weeks later, God showed him through a dream the new birth experience (A Visit To Heaven).  Several months later after receiving a Bible study, Augusto wholeheartedly gave his life to Jesus, was baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and miraculously transformed and set free from sin and bondage by the power of the Holy Spirit.  He was married to his present day wife a few months later and the LORD called him to preach the gospel that same year (Smile Jesus Loves You). 


Right after Augusto received his divine call from heaven to preach the gospel, a missionary from Colombia asked him to preach his first message in a small Spanish congregation in Miami, Florida.  The LORD confirmed his calling that day as he preached the gospel and people were saved and touched by God.  He has not stopped preaching ever since. From 1985 through 1992 the Lord used Augusto to start a church that was responsible for hundreds of people being saved in the city of Miami, Florida. He had a radio ministry for three years, which was heard by over twenty thousand people daily.

For seven years he served as senior pastor and teacher to this thriving congregation, which produced two ministers. While Augusto was still Pastoring a church, he started conducting evangelistic crusades on a small scale throughout this nation. God was working in a special way through him, as people were being set free from bondage, diseases and sin through the spoken word. He felt that rather than limit his ministry to a specific place, the LORD wanted him to reach a greater cross section of people, crossing geographical, cultural, racial and denominational barriers.  This led him to seek the LORD more intently in a long season of prayer and fasting. 


At the beginning of 1992, the Lord spoke to Augusto for a long time in the middle of the night, and specifically told him to give up the church where he was pastor. Not only was he told to give up the church, but also the city where he had lived for twenty-six years, and go to a place that God would show him. He was obedient to the heavenly call, and with his wife and six year old daughter, packed his belongings and left his family, friends and relatives not knowing where he was going. For the next several years as he was being trained in the wilderness, the Lord confirmed His call to him through several men of God, and through different people who did not know him, or had any information concerning his ministry. God genuinely uses Augusto through the ministry of the “Spoken Word” and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Signs, wonders and miracles follow this man. 

As Rhema words flow, people are delivered from demonic strongholds, healed, encouraged and established, identifying their gifting and callings from God. His simple yet profound revelatory understanding of spiritual truths is a “fresh breath” to the Church.  His love, wisdom and compassion shows as he ministers to God’s people individually or as a group. This man has a prophetic anointing that cuts through the flesh, soul and into the spirit-man. When this anointing is flowing, only one word will accomplish what many sermons and counseling sessions could not. Through the years, he has developed a proven track record of specific prophetic words spoken over congregations, leaders, people in many parts of this nation as well as other countries and world events in general that have come to pass. Augusto has a rare blend of divine authority and spirit power manifesting in his life and ministry.  His passion is Jesus, and his desire is to see the Glory of God manifested in all the earth.


This ministry was raised by God to preach the gospel of the Kingdom to the whole World.  The purpose of this ministry is to restore and heal the Body of Jesus Christ, and prepare His Bride for the great end-time harvest and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ (See Salvation Section).  Besides conducting miracle crusades, Augusto has been conducting training seminars on this nation and overseas to equip leaders in the five-fold ministry.  He has always had the heart of a father and shepherd. In the past, many pastors from different churches have sought his advice, wisdom and counsel in dealing with difficult situations. Augusto is considered an apostle and prophet by many pastors and congregations throughout the United States, as well as other nations (See Mission/Vision).  The Lord has given him many foundational revelations from the Word (See Teachings and Newsletters), as well as visions, dreams and prophecies of world events that have come to pass (See the Dreams and Visions Section).

Many years of walking in fellowship and obedience with the LORD, and severe times of testing through trials and tribulations have graced him to walk in divine authority.  Augusto's only desire is to glorify the LAMB.  When he is received by a church and allowed to function in his office, he brings direction, revelation and confirmation to the whole congregation, the leadership, and people individually. He has oversight over several churches in the United States and overseas as well (See Missions).  When the Lord called Augusto to be a part of this great army that He is raising up in this last day, he was told that God's glory would be manifested all over the earth in this last great move of God.  In the last few years, in addition to doing revivals and miracle crusades, he has been conducting leadership training seminars and sessions all over this nation and overseas. The Lord has given Augusto a divine commission to train, prepare, equip and release the emerging army of believers that will reap the end time harvest of souls that is upon us, and manifest Jesus Christ to the whole world.

This man has an apostolic and prophetic calling on his life, working together to pull down divine revelation, strategies and patterns from heaven.  It helps to penetrate and separate the spirit, soul and body of man, helping to break down demonic strongholds and paradigms in people.  When this anointing is flowing, it can accomplish what many sermons and counseling sessions could not.  For this reason and purpose, The Appearance Ministries Inc. was born. Augusto continues to travel and minister all across the U.S. and overseas preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom (See Missions). There are many teachings he has done through radio and Internet that are heard in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central & South America and other countries as well (See Radio Shows). He has written four books, three are for training and equipping believers and one is his autobiography.  The books are: "Introduction To Signs and Wonders", "Foundational Principles For New Converts and Believers", "Open Heavens" and his latest one "Smile Jesus Loves You".  (See Store). 

 He also has produced three Prophetic Music CD's. The first one is called "Bone to Bone", the second one "Tuning In To Reality" and the third one "The Challenge ".  In January 2013 he produced his first DVD with The Prophecy Club titled "The End Of Times" (See Store).  Augusto has traveled to several schools in the United States as well as overseas and ministered to the young people using the anointed music that the LORD gave him.  Hundreds of young people have given their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ Yahushua; many have been healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit as he ministered to them.  Most of the young people had never had an encounter with the risen Savior before.  Augusto's music was the bait the Lord used to get them to come to the feet of the Master.  The Lord has also used his music to minister to adults and even older people who may not have been attracted by the type of music but were captured by the divine anointing behind it.  To this day, Augusto's music is loved by the young people and adults alike and his books, CD's and DVD remain popular.


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