The reason I wrote this book was to help train new converts and believers in general in the foundational principles of the Christian faith.  This book contains material on many important topics so necessary not only for new converts, but for all believers as well.  We teach on prayer, worship, spiritual warfare, the necessity of water baptism, the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to receive it, discovering your spiritual gift, knowing God's will and much more.

Many churches are now using this book as a teaching manual in their new convert's class, as well as in their upper level discipleship classes.  Many believers have gotten this book to grow spiritually, as well as to come into alignment in certain areas of need in their lives.  If you are hungry for more, and have a desire to grow and become a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ then this book is for you.  It is time to come into alignment to your divine destiny.




 1.   Your New Life                                                           1


 2.  Why You Must Be Baptized In Water                      7


 3.   The Baptism of the Holy Spirit                               13


 4.   Hiding the Word in Your Heart                                25


 5.   Learning How to Pray                                              29


 6.   Being a Good Steward                                             35


 7.   Sharing the Gospel                                                   41


 8.   Worshipping In Spirit

       And In Truth                                                               47


 9.   Spiritual Warfare                                                       51


10.  Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

       And Ministry                                                              57


11.  Knowing God’s Will                                                  61


12.  Becoming Like Jesus                                              69