There is nothing more tragic than to see the people of God living their lives devoid of the presence and power of God, believing that is the norm.  It is sad to see churches that have gotten so used to having services without the manifest presence of God and the intervention of the Holy Spirit, that if God removed His Spirit from their midst, they would have a hard time telling the difference.  Yet, a distant rumbling is being heard by those servants to whom God, in His divine sovereignty, has chosen to reveal it to. Perhaps the sound of the approaching storm, an outpouring of the Spirit of such dramatic proportions that will cause the greatest ingathering of souls this world has ever seen.

    This period will coincide with increasing turbulent times and horrible events that will cause the courage of many to falter.  Millions will flock to the churches seeking help for multitudes of needs, but the church in its present condition cannot handle what is coming. These are just some of the reasons why I wrote this book.  This book was written by someone who does not have just head knowledge, but someone who has walked in the realm of supernatural signs and wonders for thirty years.  The difference is that as you read the information in this book, it will bring an impartation to your life to see sign and wonders in your life.

I am only one of many God is raising up at this time to speak out and bring clarity to some important areas that have been ignored, rejected and neglected by the present day church leadership. The ministries of the apostle and prophet, which are being restored to their original place and function in the church, will bring healing and restoration to the Bride of Christ preparing her to take her rightful place in the world, as the glory of God is manifested on the earth. 

    As this army of believers is raised up, trained and released into the great harvest, a revival of great proportions will take place, sweeping multitudes into the Kingdom. The transformation of the church from its present condition will be astounding. This book was written to help train believers in the area of supernatural signs and wonders, and it is loaded with practical information and valuable nuggets on important topics not easily found elsewhere.

God has always used supernatural signs and wonders to authenticate a person, a message or an event.  In the near future there will be signs and wonders happening in unprecedented numbers all over the world, as the end-time harvest takes place.  If you want to learn more and move into the supernatural, this book is for you.





1.  Hindrances To Moving In The Supernatural

2.  Understanding The Unity Of The Visible And Invisible Realms

3.  The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

4.  You Have A Spiritual Gift

5.  Operating In The Gifts Of The Spirit

6.  Understanding Dreams And Visions

7.  Appendix A:  Dreams And Visions Interpretation