The Republic of Ecuador is a beautiful mountainous country with many natural resources including gold, silver, and oil and grows a vast variety of foods.  It straddles the equator from where it gets its name, and is bordered on the North by Colombia, Peru on the East and South and the Pacific Ocean on the West.  The Country also includes the Galapagos Islands, which are geologically young and famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. His observations and collections contributed to the inception of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

Its capital city is Quito, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1970s for having the best preserved and least altered historic center in Latin America.  The country's largest city is Guayaquil. The historic center of Cuenca, the third largest city in the country, was also declared a World Heritage Site in 1999, for being an outstanding example of a planned inland Spanish style colonial city in the Americas. The city of Cuenca is where we did most of our ministry.  It reminded me a lot of the old Havana City in Cuba because of its old colonial style buildings and the general architecture of the city, although it is much higher in elevation (8,000 ft). 

This is the first time we have gone to Ecuador, so we spent a lot of time praying, exploring and seeking guidance from the Lord.  We would like to continue to go there as there is a great need for the gospel of the kingdom to be preached with signs, wonders and miracles.  The people are very hungry and in need of much teaching.  The children of God in Ecuador are like everywhere else in the world; kind, beautiful. very gracious and hospitable.  It takes a while for them to befriend you; but once they do they could become good friends.  As most human beings, these people respond to genuine love and kindness. We want to thank those of you who helped us go there. Without your finanancial help, we would not have been able to do it.  Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.  Our Heavenly Father will reward you on that day, and we will reap together heavenly rewards for the harvest of souls that will come into the Kingdom of Heaven.  If God deals with you about helping out in this mission field, please make a donation through Paypal right on this website on the Donate page, or  send your check or money order to:

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2 Thessalonians 3:7-9 "For you yourselves know how you ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; Neither did we eat any man's bread for nothing; but worked with labor and travail night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you: Not because we have not that right, but to make ourselves an example unto you to follow us.."



In the middle of the month of June, my wife and I traveled to Ecuador.  I drove to Orlando, Florida to spend Father's Day weekend in the home of Thom & Krista.  On Sunday we baptized an older man who had traveled from Spring Hill just for that.  We were also blessed to have with us several other brothers and sisters at the baptism.  We had a great time of fellowship in the LORD before departing on Monday for Miami Florida where we spent the night.  The following day we took a flight out to Guayaquil where we spent the night in a local hotel.  In the morning we then traveled by car to the City of Cuenca where we spent approximately 9 days with our dear friend Steve.  While there we did ministry and the work of the Kingdom. During this whole trip, we were under continuous attacks from the dark side. However, we also saw the hand of the LORD moving in supernatural ways. Surely, His sweet Presence was with me throughout the whole trip.  OH, HOW I LOVE HIM!

On Sunday morning, we ministered at the Church Tent Siervos Del Señor located in the middle of the city where Steve and Bobbi Clark are the pastors. There was a strong move of the Holy Spirit in our midst that day.  I preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and ministered to the people with the Spirit of the LORD confirming the preaching of the word. During the ministry of the word, I received a word of knowledge that there were many people with demonic oppressions in the area of fear and anxiety attacks. As I released that word and asked for those who were suffering from those symptoms to come forward, there was a wave of people that came to the front to be prayed for.  Many of these were young people and even many children received ministry.  As the power of the Holy Ghost came upon the people, many fell to the floor violently and some even began to manifest on the floor.  There was much deliverance that took place on that day. I GIVE MY LORD AND SAVIOR ALL THE GLORY!

At the beginning of the meeting on Sunday morning before he turned the service over to me, pastor Steve told the congregation that during my time with them last year, I had prophesied to a young couple that were not able to have babies, that they were going to have 2 children.  He then told the congregation that the wife had become pregnant with twins in the last few months and had them come forward to share their testimony with the congregation. Also, a woman told me that during our time with them last year, I had prophesied that her rebellious son would be turned around and begin to be used by God to evangelize other young people. She then started to tell my wife and I how her son had been evangelizing the young people in the schools and winning them over to Jesus Christ.  At the end of the Sunday morning service, I spoke a word over Pastor Steve and His wife Bobbie concerning what is about to happen in their ministry.  He later told us in private that everything that I had spoken over them was a confirmation of what has precisely been happening with them since I was with them last year. 

On Monday night we were invited to come back and teach in their Bible School.  The topic they asked me to preach on was prayer.  We taught on prayer for about an hour and then the church broke down into smaller groups to share.  This church is really growing and many positive things are happening for them, as the LORD is opening doors to preach the gospel in many parts of Ecuador. I want to thank those of you who prayed and interceded on our behalf while we were away on this ministry trip, as well as those of you who gave financially to make this mission trip possible. Father's Blessings be with you and your families.  SHALOM MY FRIENDS!     









Ecuador Missions Trip 2015

At the end of the month of June, my wife and I traveled to Ecuador.  I drove to Miami Florida where we spent the night.  The following day we took a flight out to Guayaquil and spent the night in a local hotel.  In the morning we then traveled by car to the City of Cuenca where we spent 30 days doing ministry and the work of the Kingdom. During this whole trip, I was under continuous attacks from the dark side. However, we saw the hand of the LORD moving in supernatural ways. Our first Sunday morning there, we ministered at the Church Tent Siervos Del Señor located in the middle of the city where Steve and Bobbi Clark are the pastors.  They requested that I preach on the end times, and I obliged as I felt it was from the LORD.  As I preached the message, the Holy Spirit moved is a very powerful way, a spirit of conviction fell on all that were there, and everyone responded to the altar call as they came repenting, calling upon the name of the LORD.







Almost all the people that were present at the meeting came up for prayer and the Holy Spirit confirmed the Word with signs following.  Some of the people received deliverance from various forms of oppressions, depressions and other strongholds. On a Wednesday evening we were invited to share in the home of Juan, one of our friends there.  On that meeting I shared on the reality of demons and their influence on the lives of people and societies in the world.  Some of them did not believe in the devil or the influece that he exerts in the lives of people that do not know the LORD. 


Overall, there was much fruit that came from these meetings. Finally, we were invited to go back to minister to the same Church Siervos del Señor by Pastors Steve and Bobbi.  This service was even more anointed than the previous one. There was such a hunger in the people that I had never seen before.  As we ministered, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit manifested in a tangible way.  Many of the people were shaken by the dunamis that was flowing from heaven.  Many of them were saved, healed and delivered.  One young man was literally shaking as I shared with him a word from the LORD.  Later, he shared with me how the LORD had been dealing with him about those same things in the days prior to my being there. Many of the children were also mightily touched by the LORD as they came forth for prayer.  I had never seen the children come up for prayer in that church before like they did on this service. The LORD truly confirmed the Word with signs following.











We also got to spend some time with Marshall and Karissa of Bless An Orphan. I shared a word of the LORD that He gave me for them over lunch after one of our services, and then we drove over to the new facilities. I was asked to pray over it and dedicate to the LORD.  We also prayed for the children that had not yet been released.  However, I felt we had a breakthrough in the spirit.  I have a feeling that little Maria and the other children will soon be reunited with Marshall and Karissa.  Much was accomplished while we were in Ecuador.  I want to thank all of you who so diligently prayed for us and helped us to make this trip a reality.  Truly, you have a part in everything that was accomplished in Ecuador.  Shalom. 


Ecuador Missions Trip 2014 - 2015

In the month of December we traveled to Ecuador.  My wife and I arrived at Guayaquil very late at night and spent the night in a local hotel.  In the morning we then traveled by car to the City of Cuenca where we spent over two weeks into the new year 2015 doing ministry and the work of the Kingdom.  This whole trip was truly miraculous as we saw the hand of the LORD moving in supernatural ways.  He orchestrated everything and we saw His Hand in unexpected divine encounters that took place.  On Sunday morning December 28, we ministered at the Church Tent Siervos Del Señor located in the middle of the city where Steve and Babi Clark are the pastors.  As I preached the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit moved is a very powerful way.  During the middle of the message, it mysteriously started to rain very strong although that whole morning there was no sign of rain anywhere. I knew that it was a sign from my Father that He was about to pour out His Spirt in our midst.  A lady named Rebecca who was going blind in her left eye was miraculously healed by the LORD as we prayed for her left eye without knowing her condition.





Once again the power of the Holy Spirit moved mightily as we ministered.  Almost all the people that were present at the meeting came up for prayer as the Holy Spirit was confirming the Word with signs following.  Some of them came up for prayer and repented and got their lives right with God, while others received deliverance from various forms of oppressions, depressions and other strongholds.  Those who came up to receive their healing were not disappointed as the LORD moved in a great way in our midst.  On Monday, December 29 in the early afternoon we ministered in another church where Gary and Sue are the Pastors.  With us in that meeting were also Bob and Lori who also pastor a church in the city.  On that meeting I shared the prophetic events that I see coming for 2015 and other things that were on my heart with the precious people there. As I shared the word of the LORD with them I sensed His presence very strong in our midst. 

After I had finished sharing the word of God with the people, we prayed for a lady (the one wearing the black shirt and glasses) that was heavily addicted to alcohol and wanted to be set free from it.  As we were praying, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her in a very powerful way and I knew at that moment that she had been set free.  We just received a confirmation via email from her telling us that she has not touched a drop of alcohol ever since we prayed for her and has had absolutely no desire to drink since that day.  She said it was truly a miracle.  We give Jesus all the glory for His miracle working power. Surely, He came to set the captives free, and to destroy the works of the devil.  We saw many people with bondages and demonic shakles set free through the anointing and the prayer of faith.  His anointing truly breaks the yoke.  After I was done praying, I felt that there was someone in the room who had an experience from Heaven that needed to be shared. 

Sister Rebecca, who we had prayed for earlier and had been miraculously healed in her left eye by Jesus, raised her hand and asked if she could share a vision she had been given by the LORD back in 1999.  She had been told earlier by the Almighty that she was to take the things that He had given her back in 1999 to our meeting and share publicly for the first time the things that He had given her.  Many of the things that she shared was a confirmation to many of the things that Father has given me through the years.  What she shared was well received by all those present, including the pastors that were there.  Although her prophetic gift of crafting with her hands what she sees in the spirit into little models and figures is very unorthodox and different, it is nevertheless a creative gift from Father God to prophetically express what she has seen in the realm of the spirit. It's no different than someone with a prophetic gift drawing a picture of something that they have seen in a vision or a dream. It is a form of art, whether it is drawing, painting or sculpturing given by our Creator and Savior to save the lost and warn the ignorant.  


In the above meeting we prayed for a lady that was heavily addicted to alcohol and wanted to be set free from it.  As we prayed the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her very strong and I knew that she had been set free.  We just received an email from her telling us that she has not touched a drop of alcohol ever since we prayed for her and has absolutely no desire to drink since that day.  Praise the name of LORD.  On Tuesday, December 30 we did a radio show with Rick on TrueNews right in Cuenca. Then on the January 2 we were invited by Rick Wiles to a gathering in the home of his daughter Karissa and her husband Marshall.  Rick's wife Susan was also present, along with those associated with Safe An Orphan Ministry, as well as many other local friends who came.  These precious people prepared so much food that we ate to our heart's contentment. Afterwards, Rick spoke for a few minutes in English as I translated to Spanish for the benefit of those that were present who did not speak English.  Then, Rick offered to translate to Spanish for me (jokingly) but I decided I would go the safe route and use my wife to Translate to Spanish as I spoke in English for a few minutes.  Afterwards we enjoyed a time of worship as Christian songs were played in both English and Spanish and the people worshipped the LORD.  Then at the end, we gathered around in a circle and prayed together for the children that are being detained by the authorities in Tenna, as well as Karissa and Susan.  They both received a mighty touch from the Spirit of the LORD.  


Overall, there was much fruit that came from these meetings.  Finally, I need to share what happened on our return trip back home.  Our flight back home from Guayaquil to Miami was scheduled to leave aound midnight, so when I went to purchase the airline ticket for our flight from Cuenca to Guayaquil, I requested the flight that left Cuenca at 8pm.  That flight would get to Guayaquil close to 9pm, giving us plenty of time to catch the flight out of Guayaquil.  However, the ticket agent was adamant that we needed to take an earlier flight around 3:20 pm which would bring us way too early into Guayaquil, and would cause us to have to wait around 8 hours in the airport.  After dealing with him for a while, I finally said OK and I bought the tickets for the early afternoon flight.  Although I did not look forward to the long wait, I had a peace about it.  After we arrived to Guayaquil, my wife and I spent some time getting a bite to eat and then I decided that I needed to talk to my Father, and so I did.

I built myself a prayer closet right there in the Guayaquil Airport and prayed for a long while.  I had plenty of time in my hands, and I do not know of a better way to use it than in prayer.  Around 8pm we started making our way upstairs to the counter of the airlines that would fly us back home.  As we got there, there were already a few people waiting in line.  The last person in line was this American lady who I started talking to right away.  She seemed friendly but at the same time reserved.  To make a long story short, we did the airport thing and finally were able to go to our departing gate.  We were quickly informed that our flight was delayed for two hours due to unforeseen circumstances.  This lady asked us if she could tag along with us for the wait, to which we said yes.  We talked for a while, and the more we talked the more I realized that the LORD was somehow involved in everything that was happening. That was until she told me that she was going to go into the VIP lounge to get a drink.  However, after a few minutes, she came back out saying that they told her that her card for some mysterious reason, was not accepted.

Although this seemed a bit strange, I still was not persuaded. My wife and I decided get something to drink and sit down to chat with her.  As we continued our conversation, I slowly began to realize that this lady was hungry for love and the presence of God.  After a while, she literally told me that she had been searching all her life for what was her purpose in life and her destiny.  She started opening up sharing about her experiences that she had with american natives and how she desired to help them. When I heard this, I knew that this was the reason for everything that had taken place that whole day.  It was all about sharing the gospel with this woman.  God loved that woman so much that he caused a divine delay of our flight home so that I could witness to her and share His love with her.  She was glued to her chair as I told her my life story, and the divine visitations I had when I was still hopelessly lost. While in Ecuador I had received a prophetic word from one of our intercessors saying that there might be a divine interruption in our flight plans.  Only eternity will reveal all that took place during this mission trip. To Jesus Christ be the glory forever. 

Ecuador Missions Trip 2014

In the month of June we went back to Ecuador.  My wife, my son and I arrived at Guayaquil late at night, spent the night in a hotel and then traveled for four hours to the city of Cuenca where we stayed for almost two weeks doing the work of the LORD.  The Holy Spirit was with us during the whole trip guiding and revealing things to me.  As in the last trip there, there were many divine encounters which were unexpected.  I had an opportunity to minister on Friday night at a house meeting of Pastors Steve and Babi Clark.  As I shared the word of God with the people there, I sensed a strong moving of the Holy Spirit.  There was a nine year old girl there who was suffering from a liver condition.  The mother was sharing with the rest of us how she was not able to keep any food down, and unable to drink anything acidic.  As I looked at the little girl, she did not look well.  After I finished sharing the Word, I asked for those who wanted prayer. 

Many of the people that were there came up for prayer. The little girl came up with her mother and I prayed for her.  As I prayed, the power of God came upon her in a mighty way and she started crying.  When I was finished praying, the Pastor said to her: "you look different; your face looks different.  How do you feel?"  She immediately responded: "God healed me; I feel God inside of me".  Her countenance was now beaming with the glory of God.  The depressed, painful look on her face was gone.  She came up to me and gave me a big hug.  She was so happy.  She even started to help me pray for the other people. I also prayed for a woman that had cysts in her ovary causing her much pain, as well as several other women who were suffering from emotional trauma.  I also ministered to a young man as he gave his life to the LORD.  I prayed for everyone that was there including a group of young people that were leaving for a weekend retreat. The Spirit of the LORD moved wonderfully that night.




Pastor Steve and Babi asked me to minister at their Sunday morning meeting in their church tent located in the heart of the city.  Once again the power of the Holy Spirit moved mightily as I ministered.  Two dear friends of mine who attended the meeting with us told me afterwards on the way home that when I started to share the Gospel of the Kingdom that morning, a strong wind mysteriously began to blow inside the tent, and as soon as I had finished ministering, the wind died down as quickly as it had started.  Many people came up for prayer as the Holy Spirit was confirming the Word with signs following.  Several people came up for prayer and got their lives right with God, while others received deliverance from various forms of oppressions and emotional traumas.  Others came up to receive their healing, and they were not disappointed.  Overall, there was much fruit that came from these meetings.  Only eternity will reveal all that took place that weekend in Cuenca.  To Jesus Christ be the glory forever.






Ecuador Missions Trip 2013

In the month of August we went to Ecuador.  We stayed in Cuenca, Ecuador in this trip around ten days. My wife and I arrived at Guayaquil at night, stayed in a hotel and then took a four hour bus ride to Cuenca the next morning.  During the whole trip we felt the awesome presence of God as He was guiding us and dealing with us every step of the way.  When we arrived, we had to take a taxi several times to go to different places that we needed to go to.  One of the things I noticed in this trip was that most of the taxi drivers in the city were born again believers in Christ Jesus.  There were many divine encounters totally orchestrated by the LORD while we were there.  The LORD used people we did not even know to talk to us.  I had an opportunity to meet and pray for some precious people that I met for the first time, and others that I already knew from my previous trips there.  They were so happy to see me again.  A sister in the LORD offered her place for us to have some meetings.  Several people attended the meetings as as we taught the word of God and prayed for them.



We were also happy to be able to baptize our friends Steve and his son Eli who we were staying with.  They expressed their desire to be water baptized one day after they heard me talking about it with another brother in the LORD that we were visiting.  I made arrangements to baptize both of them on the last day of the meetings in the bathtub of the apartment we were having the meetings at.  The brethren gathered around the bathroom as I baptized them both in the glorious name of our LORD Jesus Christ Yahushua.  It was a marvelous time of fellowship as we felt the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit the whole time.  The whole thing was orchestrated by the LORD. 




We thank God for all the wonderful things that happened during this trip and the many seeds that were planted in this fertile mission field.  Only eternity will reveal everything that took place during this trip. There was much warfare throughout this whole trip, but the Father was faithful to me through it all.  I want to thank all of our friends who prayed for us during this trip and those who helped us with their finances.  You are truly our friends, and share in the eternal rewards for everything that the LORD did while we were there.  To Him be all the glory forever and ever. 

Ecuador Missions Trip 2012

We spent the first part of the trip in the city of Loja. We spent a lot of time in prayer, looking around and talking to the locals there.  The small hotel where we stayed happened to be owned by a catholic man who turned out to be charismatic. We established a good friendship as I invited him to sit with me at the table to have supper one evening.  He shared with me that the moment he saw me he knew that I was sent from heaven.  He opened up to me and shared personal things about his life.   He believed in healings, miracles, the laying on of hands and everything else.  That opened the door as I witnessed to him about the saving power of Jesus Christ and what he had done in my life.  He was fascinated as I shared with him my testimony starting from Cuba.  He asked me to pray for him several times and always showed great respect and reverence for the presence of God.

From there we went to Cuenca with a dear friend of ours, her son and another friend who drove to Loja to meet with us. The trip took about four hours, but it was pleasant.  We spent about six days in Cuenca ministering to the people there.  We had meetings for three straight nights with precious saints in the house of our friends.  They did a wonderful job of organizing the gatherings and inviting the people there.  The people were quite hungry to hear what the Spirit of the Lord had to say.  We shared as the Lord would lead, and what they were able to receive.  We prayed every night for those who wanted prayer.  We also visited some people who were suffering with cancer and some other diseases.  Every time we prayed the presence of God was so very real. 

We also met with a missionary couple whohave been pastoring a church there for some time.  We shared some things with them and their need of developing a team of intercessory prayer to combat the heavy influence of shamanism and occultism in the region.  We exchanged information and developed a friendship that will hopefully develop in the years to come.  There is much potential there for a great move of the Spirit of God.  That is the only way Ecuador is going to be evangelized, due to their heavy catholic background as well as their belief in the shamans there.  Below are some of the photos we took while we were there.




While we were in a furniture store, I noticed that this woman who worked there was showing signs of experiencing much pain and fatigue. One of the people that was with us asked her if there was something wrong with her, and she said that she had a growth under her left arm which was causing her excruciating pain.  She could not lift her arm as she had no strength.  I asked her if I could pray for her, and she immediately said yes.  As Steve, Suzy and myself gathered around her and prayed the power of the LORD came upon her in a very visible manner.  After we finished praying, the intense pain left her and she was able to raise her arm perfectly without any discomcort whatsoever.  We also prayed for an emotional problem that was causing her to be depressed.  Her whole countenance changed, and by the time we left the store she was laughing. 

We also went to the City of Asuncion where we met with a man named Fernando. As we talked to him, he opened up and told me that he had lost his two sons in less than two years and at the same time his wife had left him.  I could tell that the man was emotionally crushed and needed the Lord in his life.  I asked him if I could pray for him.  He told me to please pray for him.  As gathered in a circle and I prayed the presence of God filled that place with His Shalom.  You could feel the tangible presence of the Father there.  After the prayer was finished, Fernando had tears rolling down his cheek.  He was deeply touched as the LORD had done a work of healing in his heart. 

Throughout both of these events, there was a family of four that was witnessing the wholething.  One night we were invited to dinner and they started to bombard us with questions about God, and life in general.  You could see the hunger for God in these people.  A few days later, I invited them to attend a meeting at the hotel where Steve and I we were staying and that night I led them in a prayer to receive Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior.  I was very impressed by the hunger for God in the people of Ecuador.  



When we prayed for this lady, at first nothing much seemed to be happening. However, after we finished praying the first time she said that she felt that she had opened a door to the cancer in her life.  As we interrogated her, it turned out she had indeed opened some doors in her life in years past.  We led her into a prayer of repentance and cleansing and then we led her in shutting all the doors that she had inadvertently opened. Then we prayed a second time and the power of God went through her like a lightening bolt.

She started kicking her legs and heat like liquid fire began to flow through her body. We believe that she was healed and is going to have her doctor do another exam to confirm her healing.  As you can see, she was in much better spirits when we left than when we first saw her. The boy on the right had a rare bone eating disease in his jaw. This is the second operation he has had in recent times.  We prayed for him and believe that he will not need any more surgeries on his face.  We serve such a mighty wonderful Master.