Honduras is a beautiful country located in Central America.  The country is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea.  Its size is just over 112,000 km2 with an estimated population of almost eight million. Its capital is Tegucigalpa.  Its northern portions are part of the Western Caribbean Zone.

     The Lord has given us a love for this country and the people of God who live there.  Every time we go there, we are received with open arms and a true genuine love.  The Honduran people are a humble people, but at the same time have a tremendous hunger for the things of God and are fiercely devoted to Him.  We started going to Honduras by Divine Commission in the year 2001. Since that year, we have been going there almost year after year to water the seeds that the LORD has allowed me to plant there.  Much fruit has come forth for His glory from the seeds that have been planted in the Northern part of Honduras.

     In the past, we have also been to the southern part of Honduras to the city of Comayagua near the Capital of Tegucigalpa, to work with a small number of churches there as well.  We would like to go back there in the future to continue to help them in the work they are trying to do there. If God deals with you about helping with this mission field please contact us, or you can make a donation using Paypal right on this website in the Donate page.  I want to thank those of you who continue to support us financially as well as with your prayers.  Without you, we would not be able to do the things that we do.  You have a part in all the souls that we win for the Kingdom of God, as well as all the people that we help.  May the Father of Lights continue to bless you and protect you in all your ways in the days to come.

In Christ,

Augusto Perez

Acts 2:41-42:  "Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers."



Doing missions trips has been difficult for me this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we have continued to support the children's diner located near La Lima. Recently I asked them to send me some photos of the children and the diner. Since I was last, they have built a bathroom inside the facility to make it more convenient for the children to use the bathroom. Before, they had to use one that was located outside the facility. The diner serves about 25 children from the poor barrio, five days a week from 7 am to 3 pm providing breakfast and lunch. They also have once a week a lesson where they are taught the word of God. Some of the children are orphans, and many have single mothers who must work to provide for them. At the present time, the diner is closed due to the pandemic. They are planning to open as soon as possible whenever the authorities give them the green light.

From the times that I have blessed by the LORD to be able to go to Honduras and minister the gospel of the kingdom there, one of my favorite times was being able to go and visit with them at the Children's Diner.  I have seen the love that these teachers have for God and for these children. It is a safe environment for the children to be at during the week, where they are taken care of, taught and fed nutritious meals every day. We want to thank those of you who faithfully support and help us to be able to continue to be a blessing to these precious children as well as other missions. May our Heavenly Father Bless you and keep you safe in the days ahead. Here are some recent photos you might enjoy.






The Honduras 2018 mission trip was my first ministerial trip since having back surgery last year on July 2017.  I had not gone anywhere far from home since that time because of the restrictions based on orders from my doctor.  I was mostly resting and doing some radio shows for the last several months.  However, as the new year came around, I started feeling an urge in my spirit to go back to Honduras.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to handle it, but I felt strong enough that I decided to exercise my faith and go.  As I prayed, I got a green light from the Holy Spirit assuring me that everything was going to be OK. It was time for me to stretch out my wings and go out to face whatever challenges I would encounter on this trip.  Well, I did not have to wait long.

I drove approximately 6 hours to Miami, stopping every hour or so in order to stretch my legs and move around some.  After arriving there, I rented a hotel for the night and departed the next morning on my flight to Honduras.  Long story short, the flight to Honduras was delayed for three hours.  Finally when I arrived in SPS, Honduras my luggage did not arrive with me and had to wait until the next day for the airline to get my luggage to the airport so that I could go get it.  That is the short of it, however the real story is much longer which I will not bore you with the details thereof.  Needless to say, it was a rough first day.  However, the LORD was with me throughout this whole ordeal.

I was picked up at the SPS airport by Daniel, a precious brother who assisted me throughout my stay at MUNA, the ministry founded by our dear good friends Apostles Emma & Rigo Sosa, who were out on a ministerial trip throughout Europe.  After I settled into quarters prepared for me, we had lunch and then I got some rest.  That same evening, I was picked up and  taken to minister to Comunidad de Amor, a church pastored by our friends Remo & Rosita Bardales.  That night we ministered only to the men, and had a time of refreshing as we did some training on leadership.  The Spirit of the LORD was present with us that evening.  We were not able to take pictures of this service as my camera was inside my luggage.  However, I was informed about the last time when was there I had prayed for a man with liver cirrosis, and how God had completely healed him of that disease.

On Thursday morning I was taken to minister to the 11th graders at Instituto Lima.  I talked to the young people for a little while about three areas that the LORD had laid on my heart were causing the most problems for the youth in Honduras: drugs, sex and the maras (what they call the gangs in Honduras).  I talked to them about the clash between the darkness and the light that is taking place for their souls.  Many of them were paying close attention while I was talking to them.  After I was done, I asked if there was one among them who had a dream concerning the things I had shared about.  A young girl came forward and shared a dream about the end times God had given her.  The rest of the students listened intently, after which I prayed for them and then we left.  We were not able to take pictures of this meeting either, as my luggage had not yet arrived.

Early on Friday morning Martin came to pick me up to take me to minister to his employees at Chicken Lima before they opened up for business at 8 am in the morning.  I ministered to them and then prayed for them.  The Spirit of God came on several of them as they were prayed for and started crying and shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit.  One girl was so shaken by the word of the LORD spoken over her, that the palms of her hands started perspiring profusely, to the point of dripping.  The  Spirit of the LORD did a mighty work in our midst that morning, after which we went to have breakfast with Martin and his wife at their nearby home.

Later that morning I was taken to Hefziba Children's Center and spent some time there visiting with the children.  This is one of the ministries that we happily support and are blessed every time we get the opportunity to go there.  Daniel and I played with children for a while before having lunch together.  The children wanted me to play choo-choo train with them as they lined up behind me wanting me to play locomotive as Daniel and the teachers watched and got a good laugh out of it.  I did not have the heart to turn them down. They are well taken care of there at the center as they get dental check ups often, and whenever possible also medical exams.



Then on Friday night we ministered in Piedras Vivas church right in MUNA where Elias and Abbie Rodriguez are the pastors of the local congregation.  There was a very strong unction on the music that night, particularly a song that was written by Elias just the day before and decided to play that night without much rehearsal.  Well, the LORD used that song in a mighty way and I saw a special anointing come upon Elias as he was playing that song.  The Spirit of the LORD came upon me and I proceeded to give a prophetic word to him about the large efectual doors God is about to open for him in the very near future.  We had a powerful meeting, as I shared a word about the appointed times.  Then during ministry time the same song was played again and the Holy Spirit moved mightily touching the lives of the people there; healing, delivering and setting the captives free.



On Saturday morning we went to give a special talk to fathers, mothers and children at Patria School during a special event on Father's Day.  We shared about the need for communication in the home to solve family conflicts, and how the lack thereof can lead down the path to numerous problems in their relationship with their children.  All the parents listened carefully, and  many of them even took notes and participated in a question and answer session at the end of the program.  All in all, it was a very fruitful meeting.  We trust that many of the seeds that were planted in their hearts on that day will bear much fruit in the coming months and years.  We received a beautiful diploma in recognition of our participation. 



Later on that Saturday we went to minister at Hefziba Church, one of  MUNA's daughter churches, where we shared a word about the work of the Cross where Jesus became sin for us, so that we could be become the righteousness of God in Christ.  Many of those present were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit, with several being healed and set free. Althought the church is located in one of the areas where the maras (gangs) have a strong presence, they did not bother us.  However, on the way back I noticed that the car where I was riding turned the lights off, turned on the blinkers and lowered all the windows in the vehicle.  When I asked why, I was told that this was required by the maras so that we could pass by without any incidents.   Any vehicle that does not follow their instructions, will be stopped by them and maybe robbed or worse.  Needless to say, the LORD was with us  throughout this adventure.


On Sunday morning we ministered at MUNA General Assembly with all their daughter churches in attendance. Apostles Emma and Rigo Sosa were not present as they normally would be since they were away on a ministry trip throughout Europe.  I missed our daily chats with them which normally have whenever I have been with them in the past.  They are a precious   couple who are deeply loved by all their spiritual sons and daughters, many of which pastor a local church throughout the beautiful country of Honduras.  There are also other churches in various countries who operate under their ministerial covering and umbrella. I am honored to be their close friend and fellow servant.

That morning we shared a prophetic word regarding the times that we are in.  The Spirit of the LORD was present to minister to His precious people.  Afterwards, an invitation was given for those that needed prayer to come forward.  A word of knowledge was given that there were many in the meeting who were heavily oppressed, manifesting with severe migraines and headaches, fear attacks and insomnia. Many came forward crying as the LORD moved upon His people in a wonderful way. There were several people healed and many set free by the power of God.  A black lady that was feeling very oppressed came forward and was totally delivered that morning, as she later testified to others there. Many others were set free, as the word of knowledge, healing and working of miracles operated that morning.




That same Sunday in the afternoon we went to minister in another of MUNA's daughter church Aguilas Sobre La Roca (Eagles Upon The Rock) pastored by Ezequiel and Alba Hernandez.  That night we had a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.  We felt moved that night to minister the power of the Holy Spirit to the people there.  There was such a hunger among the people, that made it so much easier to minister to them.  They just pulled the anointing out of me, as they placed a demand on it.  Many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and others were healed from infirmities.  A lady after the service came up to me to tell how the LORD had healed her from an issue of blood when I prayed for her last year whenever I went to minister in their church service.  Later after the meeting, we went out to get a bite to eat and spent a beautiful time in sweet fellowship with this precious couple.



On Monday we took the day off to get some rest and replenish. We spent a few more days with the people of Honduras as we were invited to have lunch and dinner with some of the families who are pillars in the church.  I was treated with such kindness, love and hospitality that they made me feel so welcomed.  Honduras is one of those places that my Heavenly Father has me going back to minister to them over and over again and this is one of the main reasons why.  The LORD told me some time ago that He was going to push away the hypocrites and take me only to those few who would celebrate me and love me, not just tolerate me when I was in their midst.  There are not many of them left in the United States , except for the remnant few that God has given us who truly love us and are so faithful to us.  May the LORD Bless you and keep you in the palm of His Hand in the tumultous days ahead.

Finally on Tuesday morning we ministered to the students of Sonshine School in MUNA.  We talked to them about the gifts and callings that they had received from the LORD and what He had put them on this earth to do. We asked them questions and interacted with them throughout the meeting.  As the students participated in the question and answer session, asking questions successfully, we gave them a CD.  The Spirit of the LORD moved upon the students that morning as the Spirit of God came upon me to give a prophetic word to several students that were in attendance. After the morning session was over, several of them came over to talk to me about their gifts and callings, seeking counsel regarding their future carreers in relation to God's calling on their lives.  Afterwards, we went to have breakfast together with the director and leaders of the school.

We were taken to the airport Wednesday morning and flew back to Miami International Airport.  This time my luggage made it back with me (lol).  We went through customs, then proceeded to go get my car that I had left parked in Miami.  Then drove for about four hours to the city of Orlando then spent the night with our dear friends Thom and Krista. We baptized Thom during our 2015 Fall Conference. On Thursday night we went over with Thom, Krista and Pablo (one of my spiritual sons) to minister in Kissimee at Rafael's Church House of Shalom.  Rafael is another precious spiritual son along with his wife, that the LORD has given me.  He and his wife together started the church in their home under our headship.  It started growing moderately fast, and he shared with me before our trip, that he was thinking of renting this place soon so that they could already be in it when I came by to be with them. Well, the night we went to be with them in service, was their first meeting in the building.  That was beautiful.

Rafael had mentioned to me during one of our previous conversations that many in his congregation needed to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and he asked me if I could minister to them in that area.  So that night I taught on the subject of the Holy Spirit, who He is and how to receive Him. After we had finished sharing the Word, we then proceeded to minister to them the power of the Hoky Spirit.  About half a dozen people received the infilling of the Holy Spirit that night with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as it is written in the book of  Acts.  Most of those who received the Holy Spirit that night had just recently been baptized by Rafael and his wife. There was much joy and celebration in the house of the LORD on that night. 

Another beautiful thing happened in that meeting.  Ed who we baptized during our last Fall conference in 2016, received a word of knowledge from the HOLY Spirit before service to bring some baby's clothing to the church meeting that night, and that he would be shown who to give it to once he got there.  Well, there was a young woman there with her husband who had just been told by her doctor that she was pregnant. Most people in the church were not aware of this; that was when Ed told the young couple that the clothes that he had brought to the meeting were for their baby. As you can imagine, the young couple started crying of happiness as they opened box containing the baby's clothes.  It never ceases to amaze me what God can do whenever someone is willing to obey Him and do as He says. 




Since my new birth experience, I have always been one to move by the Holy Spirit. There are not many decisions that I make without being led by the Spirit of the LORD.  Anytime that I have done something without consulting Him, bad things have happened. I said that because of what I am about to share.  Since late 2016 I began to feel the need to go back to Honduras.  I would have liked to go to Cuba since I have not been there in a while and needed to check in the progress of the printing and distribution or our books in throughout the Island.  However, I did not feel the release.  Hopefully things will change regarding Cuba sometime soon. 

I wrote to the Apostles of the church I work with there in Honduras, and shared with them my desire to go there in March. I quickly received a message back from them telling me that March would work well, and for me to come on.  I quickly purchased the roundtrip airline ticket to go to Honduras in February and began to make plans accordingly. Late in the month of March, I went back to the beautiful nation of Honduras to continue the work that we have been doing there since the year 2001.  

I drove down to Miami, Florida and spent the night there until the next day when I took the flight from Miami to San Pedro Sula Airport in Honduras where they were waiting for me. I spent the duration of my time in Honduras in the MUNA facilities.  I want to express my gratitude to all of you who interceded and prayed for me during this mission trip, and who helped me financially to go there.  Without you, we would not be able to do the work that we are doing.  Thank you.

On Wednesday morning after an early breakfast I was picked up and taken to the Public School Patria.  At 8 am the young people started coming into our classroom and by the time they all had come in, we had around 150 students.  The topic assigned to me to share with them was moral and ethical values.  We talked to the students for a while and then asked them if anyone present had an experience with God that they wanted to share with the rest of the students.  A girl came up and shared the experience that she had with Jesus Christ.  She was moved to tears as she shared her story.  I could tell her story impacted those who were present.

After she was finished with her testimony, we asked those students who wanted prayer to come forward.  Many of the students came forward repenting and accepting the LORD Jesus Christ as their Savior.  There was one girl who was demonized and started to manifest as I was talking to her.  She had been sexually abused and refused to forgive the person who did it.  Finally, after much prayer the Holy Spirit broke through and she received her deliverance as she burst into tears and forgave the person who had done it.  Afterwards, you could see the change in her countenance as she walked out of the meeting.  What a mighty God we serve.





On Wednesday night we went to preach to the city of Progreso to the Church pastored by Magdiel and Lilian Aranda.  When we first started going there back several years ago, they were under a tent on a piece of land.  We had many good meetings there where the LORD did many marvelous things.  Now they have a beautiful building on a large piece of property.  We preached the gospel of the kingdom and then ministered the power of God to the people there.  Many of the people that were there received what they needed from the hand of the LORD. 



On Thursday night we went to San Pedro Sula with Ezequiel and Alba Hernandez to minister in their church Eagles on the Rock. I spoke into their lives before the meeting and shared some things with them that felt I needed to share. Wnen we got to the church, the building was packed wall to wall.  From the moment we arrrived there, I knew that this night was going to be special.  As Ezequiel started playing his guitar and ministering in music, the presence of God started to descend.  It reminded me of the days when my wife and I started a church in Miami, Florida and I used to play the guitar and lead in worship the same way.  This couple really reminded me of the old days in Miami.

We shared a now word from God as the Spirit of the LORD moved like a thunderbolt in our midst.  I got so caught up in the spirt of the LORD that I totally forgot to take photos of what was going on that night.  As we began to minister to the people, there were multiple healings and miracles that took place in our midst.  Also, some deliverance took place that night, and others were filled with the Holy Spirit.  The pastor wanted me to come back on Sunday to minister for them, but my schedule for that Sunday was already filled.  Surely, this was a night to remember. Sorry, no photos.

On Friday morning I was picked up at 7 am in the morning to go minister to the employees of Chicken Lima where my friends Martin and Rosario Cruz are the owners.  We shared a word from the LORD with them, prayed for the employess and released them to go to work that morning. 


Later on Friday morning we went to Hefziba's Children's Diner and we had lunch with them there. We took three bags of goodies to the children and they were so happy and so grateful about that. They are fed well and taken care of there at the Center, but they do not get any special treats or sweets. I just felt like doing this for them and put a smile on their faces. It takes so little to put a smile on the faces of these precious children.  Daniel (brother who drove me) and I played for a while with the children before lunch.  God is doing something beautiful in Honduras. 



On Friday Afternoon we were asked to minister to the teachers of Sunshine School in MUNA.  We gathered with a number of the teachers and talked to to them about several topics related to their work with children, attitudes and excellence.


On Friday night we were with Pastor Elias and Abbie Rodriguez in their church Piedras Vivas.  During the worship service I began to feel a very soft sweet moving of the Holy Spirit as I began to receive the message for that evening. The  message He gave me was on the topic of the Bridegrom and the Bride. As I was delivering the message, the Presence of the LORD came upon me so strong that I choked up, and was not able to speak for a few moments.  It was such an intimate moment with the Spirit of the LORD that I forgot to take photos of the meeting that night.  Much ministry took place that evening and many received a mighty touch from the LORD.  Sorry, no photos.

On Saturday night we went to Hefziba Church in Colonia Flores De Oriente, one of the poorest areas in Northern Honduras.  This is the same place we went to for the first time in 2011 (See Honduras Mission Trip 2011) whenever they had started to witness to the people there.  Back then there was no church built there yet, as we gathered in a small rustic concrete block building to minister to the people.  Today they have built a nice church facility, as well as a dining room to feed the children. Last time when I was there I was told that they need a breakthrough in the area of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we ministered on how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many were filled with His Spirit.

This time around, while talking to the pastor I found out that many in the church needed deliverance from various oppressions and strongholds. I prayed about it and decided to minister on the topic of deliverance on that night.  There was a strong presence of God throughout the service as we began to minister deliverance to the people.  When I asked for those who needed deliverance to come forward, the power of the Most Hight came down very strong on all that came forward and most of them received deliverance.  

Many of them went down under the power of God as they were overwhelmed by the Spirit and set free from strongholds.  Many were not able to stay on their feet.  Several people came forward suffering from symptoms that we had called out, including a couple of young people who were being attacked by the spirit of suicide.  We prayed for them, as well as everyone that was in need. Many received deliverance from the hand of the LORD on that evening, as the spirit of deliverance and Shalom moved upon those who were present.





On Sunday morning we ministered at MUNA General Assembly with all their daughter churches in attendance. That morning we delivered a prophetic warning message regarding the times that we are in. Afterwards, an invitation was given for those that needed prayer to come forward. Many came forward crying as the LORD moved upon His people in a wonderful way. Several were healed, many others were touched by the power of God.  The spirit of prophecy was moving strong in the meeting that morning.  Many of the words were confirmed afterwards.



We traveled on Sunday night to Villanueva and ministered in the church there where Jacobo Coello is the pastor.  The people were ready to receive from God as we delivered a word of warning from Heaven.  Those who received the word, came forward for prayer.  We called the intercessors of the house to come forward and beging to intercede.  As the intercessors began to intercede the presence of the LORD came down on that place very strong as the people began to come to the front to receive ministry.

Many were saved; others were healed by the power of God while others were delivered from demonic oppression.  Many of the people that came up to receive prayer were ministered to by the Holy Spirit in a very special way.  There was a wonderful move of the Spirit that took place on that night. The pastor shared with us afterwards during dinner what an incredible presence of God had come into the service on that night after the sharing of the Word.  Surely, our Heavenly Father was glorified on that night.  Blessed be the name of the LORD Jesus Christ.



On Monday morning we went to Instituto Lima to minister to the students there on the topic of moral values and professional ethics.  This was the first time that we have been allowed to go into this school, so I did not know what to expect.  When we first arrived, we were taken to an office where a man asked us questions about religion and what we were going to be talking to the students about.  I understand their being concerned about who goes in to talk to the students, however I knew that it was not going to go as well as with the Instituto Patria; the other school where we have ministered in for the last few years.  The man was present for most of the time that we were sharing with the students.

At first, there was a resistance to us being there with the students.  However, as we began to talk to them about real life issues I felt the resistance begin to melt away.  After we had shared with the students for about 30 minutes, I prayed for them.  They were very respectful and all bowed their heads as I prayed.  I then proceeded to pray for each one of them individually right where they were sitting, as I knew that they were not going to stand up and come to the front to be prayed for.  Many of them were visibly touched.  I felt that we accomplished what were were supposed to that morning.  God opened this door in order to touch the lives of those students. I am glad we were able to do it.


Finally on Tuesday morning we ministered to the students of Sonshine School in MUNA.  We did a couple of songs for them from our CD. Roger who has a ministry of mime and used to do work with the young people interepreted the songs. He really did a great job, although he was a bit out of practice, as was I.  We then talked to them about their need to live moral lifes before the LORD and some of the things that they need to watch for in their lives.  We asked them questions and interacted with them throughout the meeting.  As the students participated in the question and answer session and answered the questions successfully, we gave them a CD.  The Spirit of the LORD moved upon the students that morning.



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